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Hungry Ear Red Decals

Image of Hungry Ear Red Decals


Our iconic Hungry Ear Logo is easy to put on almost anything. It is removable too, so don't worry about damaging walls, paint or cars.

Large decal measures 4.75"h x 4.25"w
Small decal measures 3"h x 2.75"w

There are 3 parts: the sticker backing, the decal its self and the transfer taper which lays over the decal.

CLEAN & WIPE DRY your wall before installing, this will help 100%
Lay your decal on a hard, flat surface and rub firmly over the decal with a credit card.
This will strengthen the bond between the vinyl decal and the transfer tape.
(this way the vinyl decal won't stay on the white backing when you remove it, if some of the white backing sicks to your vinyl....take your finger and gently remove, comes of easily!)

Take hold of your 3 part decal and slowly start to peel the white backing away from the decal and transfer tape, peel back about an inch or so. Make sure the vinyl decal sticks properly to the transfer tape. If it is not sticking to the transfer tape, relay it down and press your credit card over it again.

Arrange the decal & transfer tape on the desired surface. Press the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth the tape all the way down, avoiding bubbling and wrinkles.

Now that your decal is in place, take your time and work your way to the other side.

Ex: slowly pull the white backing away from your decal. As you expose more of the decal backing smooth it onto your flat surface until you are at the end! :)

Finish the application by rubbing over the entire wall decal with the credit card in order to remove any air bubbles and activate the bond between the decal and the surface.
Remove the transfer tape from one corner & slowly roll it along the surface. If part of the wall decal sticks to the tape, simply roll the tape back, press down firmly with your credit card & continue peeling.
Remove any air bubbles by rubbing over the decal with a clean cloth (you can also poke bubbles with a fine needle and then smooth it out).

On textured surfaces be sure to rub over the wall decal very firmly! This will ensure a proper bond between the wall decal and the surface, and will prevent it from peeling off over time. This phase is really important to ensure the wall decal will adhere properly to the surface. Bring extra care to this step in any case.