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Lemuria Vinyl LP "Lemuria" (1996 Pressing/SEALED)

Image of Lemuria Vinyl LP "Lemuria" (1996 Pressing/SEALED)



Don't miss out on this rare Holy Grail of Hawaiian Funk/Disco! Recorded in 1978 by Kirk Thompson of Kalapana, this recording brought together the best of Hawaii's studio singers and musicians. From the punchy horns of "Hunk of Heaven" to the cool AOR sound of "All I've Got to Give", the one and only Lemuria album is a great soundtrack for dancing, partying, or driving down the coast highway. There is a strictly limited supply of these sealed copies of the 1996 pressing, so get yours now and Get That Happy Feeling!

  1. Hunk Of Heaven
  2. All I've Got To Give
  3. Dreams
  4. Mister U (Universe)
  5. Get That Happy Feeling
  6. Moonlight Affair
  7. Mystery Love
  8. The Making Of You
  9. The Lady & The Dude